You asked for it.....

Just a word of warning, these are not MP3 samples, they are full CD quality .wav files, so could kill your bandwidth limit of you're not careful.

A sample recording made in May 2008, in Bungay, using a Zoom H2. This was a test of a newy acquired toy, which has tuend out to be very usefull ver the years, handy for things like chooirs and orchestral stuff.

Front microphones, high gain setting, no processing applied. 16 bit, 44.1KHz sampling.

Bungay Atmosphere.

Also using the H2, recorded at the Valkenberg town square bandstand, near Maastricht in the Netherlands at an outdoor concert:-

CD quality settings, no processing, apart from topping and tailing.

Swing band with added motorbikes.

Just one of the hazards of performing in a public square.....

The band are a school band, with players ranging from 14 to 16 years of age.

And an MP3 of a very nice choir I worked with in 2014. Ember & Hampton choral society performing in Laon, recorded on the H2, using all four mics to add controlled room sound. I was pleased with the recording, as were the choir when they took their CD's home with them.

Fauré's Canticle, the concert finale.


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